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"I was at my wits end. I didn't know what to do. But then a friend told me about this site and I called. Thank GOD! These folks were so nice and helpful. I wanted to keep my house by refinancing but the bank and three mortgage companies said no. The foreclosure stopper team worked round the clock to find me a lender than would refinance me. Thank you so much!"

Manny Rodriguez, Baytown

"Have no fear. Ameen and team took care of all the details. Once I gave them all the information they needed, they contacted my lender, got the foreclosure stopped and found 2 lenders to refinance me and 4 investors that offered full price. I chose to sell the house and start over. But I couldn't have done it without Forclosure-Stoppers!"

Amy Sinclair, Sugarland


Is my foreclosure public knowledge?

If you are in the middle of a foreclosure, you will probably begin to receive mail from many people and organizations that you may have never even heard of. Why is this? How do they know you are in foreclosure?

Most people have a hard time dealing with the fact that they are in foreclosure and may even feel ashamed or embarrassed. This begs the question of whether or not other people know or can easily find out about the foreclosure. Unfortunately, foreclosure is a matter of public record. And while that doesn't mean that anyone is going to take out a billboard advertisement to let everyone know about it, it does mean that the information may be available to those who are searching for it.

The average Joe is not going to have any idea that you are in foreclosure unless you reveal it yourself. There are, however, many people that are looking to benefit from others in foreclosure. Some organizations and people watch the foreclosure listings with a close eye. Is it because they want to shame the people who are facing foreclosure? Most likely, this is not the case. Advertisements trying to sell lists of foreclosed homes are becoming more and more common. Many people feel that investing in a home that is being foreclosed on is a good way to make some money. And others want to try and sell their services to the individual trying to avoid foreclosure. Bankruptcy attorneys, high-risk creditors and credit counseling agencies all stand to make money from the plight of others trying to steer clear of foreclosure.

While some of these organizations are just trying to help, it is best to pay close attention and ask a lot of questions. There are scammers out there who want to take advantage of anyone they can, and foreclosure tends to be such an emotional issue for people. With emotions running high, any glimmer of hope can look attractive enough even if it is unrealistic. Always check with the Better Business Bureau and do some research before putting your trust in any organization. Don't sign anything you're not sure about and get everything in writing.

It may seem grim and depressing, but despite all of the pressure when facing foreclosure, there are organizations that want to help. And what is better, some individuals really can help. So don't let your worries get in the way of finding a way out. Truly, the only people that are really likely to know about your foreclosure are the people involved in the process and individuals looking to profit from the situation. Your friends and family will probably only find out if you tell them or if you end up losing the property. Nevertheless, the important issue is to put your pride aside and ask for help from qualified individuals. And it can't be stressed enough that communication with lenders is of utmost importance. Most of the time, property owners can avoid foreclosure if they are committed to finding another solution and are willing to set the embarrassment and guilt aside long enough to find help.



If your house is scheduled for foreclosure, in Texas, you have less than 21 days to fix the situation or the house will be auctioned off. You must ACT quickly.

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